Luciferase Assay System E1501

  • Last Post 24 March 2017
Carolyn BaltazarKaya posted this 24 March 2017

I ran out of the passive lysis buffer (E1941), hence I debated whether I could have completed my luci assay (E1501) if I had made any standard SDS lysis buffer instead.  However, I read that the lysis buffer could introduce variability from autoluminescence (pasted below). Would that have been the case?  Thanks much in advance!

LabFact #6

For the Dual-Luciferase® Reporter Assay System, only use Passive Lysis Buffer since PLB is specially formulated to minimize background autoluminescence.
(from #TM040)

alandrem posted this 24 March 2017

Hi Carolyn! I am going to re-direct your question to the Promega Technical Services Group. Someone will be in touch with your shortly.